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How to Generate a Quilt Out Of T Shirts

by Terry Jhon

Massey observed step-by-step video online. “Everybody I distinguish got a quilt. I just prepared them as well as gave them away,” Massey said. “I kept receiving plus better plus better.”

She was required into retirement in 2013 as well as decided toward go into quilting entire time. “That’s while I decided the method I am going toward make my bread plus butter is quilt for additional,” Massey supposed.

Massey bought a “usual sewing mechanism” through a throat around eight or nine inch long and rapidly outgrew this.

In whatever Massey termed as “a leap of trust,” she soon furthermore bought an extensive arm hi-tech quilting mechanism. It is 12 feet long as well as six feet deep and consists of a stitching machine that has a 24-inches throat.

She escorts the quilting mechanism otherwise sets its PC, which tells the appliance which region she wants quilted.

Massey does lots of quilting, all by mechanism as well as nothing through hand. “I do not even do the binding through hand,” Massey told. Each quilt, she clarified, has three coats – the back, the striking in the mid as well as the top.


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Massey usages little scrapings of cloth toward form blocks, stitching them collected on a steady sewing mechanism toward piece a quilt topmost, and sews the three coatings together on the extensive arm quilting mechanism.

Massey tends to usage cotton, wool or else polyester for the batting.

“My specialty is not creating plain back; I continually try to beautify the back,” she said, using scrap from the front.

Massey not merely types quilts for herself as well as her family, however also creates cash quilting for clients. “The way I create my living is quilting for persons,” Massey said.

For instance, she takes T-shirts kids have worn, scratches them up, purchases the color material a client wants and creates them in to a quilt topmost. Then she adds more material about the edges toward make it larger, creates the quilt back plus quilts.

She prepared a memory quilt out of a kid’s grandfather’s shirt, his mother’s pajama pant, the shirt the kid wore while his little brother was born, his preferred pajamas while he was little, a part of his grandfather’s ball cap as well as other important items.

Massey is a quilt design designer. She acquires persons to test them as well as then sells the designs. She said 30,000 persons have saved an image of her star design on the Pinterest website.

Occasionally her motivation derives from infant things, for example the “Pin Tail on Donkey” game. Biblical scripture enthused one of her coverlets which portrays a lion. Nature as well as history also motivate her, Massey said.

Massey has just ongoing toward dye her individual material, starting through pure white as well as using diverse methods. “This is one of a kind material,” Massey said of her hand-dyed material sample.

Massey does visitor speaking activities around quilting as well as has a blog. Practically 4,000 persons follow her each time she places somewhat on the Pinterest web site.

Massey furthermore is a rivalry quilter. She arrives local competitions, in addition to national rivalries, sponsored through American Quilter’s Civilization.

“The way I am going toward make my heart pleased is I am going to contest,” Massey said.

Massey was semifinalist in 2016 Chattanooga, Tennessee, competition through a unique design, titled Mid-Century Contemporary, which she made as well as quilted.

Massey as well as her sister, Janet, have cooperated on other rivalry quilts this year, becoming semifinalist in American Quilter’s Civilization displays in Phoenix, Daytona Seashore, Grand Rapids as well as Paducah, Kentucky.

“I have won ribbons provincially, however not at the nationwide level. I retain trying. It trials me. It creates me consider in terms of color plus design as well as space and building as well as problem solving. I love conflicting,” Massey said.

In adding, she registered her quilting associates in making as a minimum 100 kids’ quilts through Christmas for the Salvation Military angel tree.

Massey was enthused previous year to recruit the scheme for subsequent Christmas while she doubted if the child, whose term she got off the angel tree, was living into a home through not sufficient heat since the kid only enquired for the provisions of jeans plus shoes.

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