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Guidelines on Decorating the Fireplace Mantel

by Terry Jhon

Even while not in use, a fireplace is a regular focal point in an area that cannot be ignored. Beautifying the fireplace mantel is a magnificent place to include your room’s general design pattern. Determining what decoration is going to be showcased as well as how is frequently a challenge for several homeowners. Here are a little Fireplace Mantels Ideas to aid you decide what look is correct for your space.

The first stage is to choice décor that would convey the kinds of feeling you want the area to have – casual, formal, clean lines or minimalist otherwise eclectic/busy. You would require to work with the fireplace’s current architecture as well as decide if you would like to improve it otherwise subdue it. Another significant consideration while decorating a fireplace mantel is to retain the design stable and relative.

Proportioned design is the maximum popular method to beautify a fireplace mantel. Proper rooms usually follow symmetry while arranging mantel decoration, however it works in a more casual setting also. In this master bedroom beyond, the fireplace mantel through Norman Davenport Askins is proportionally decorated through British 19th period botanical prints placed on the wall as well as antique Chinese jugs on either side.


Symmetry is stress-free on the eye as well as conveys a sense of peaceful through this formal living room intended by Dana Lyon. The fireplace mantel is furthermore symmetrically intended through original sketch flanked through candlesticks.

Dallas, Texas-based designer Shannon Bower shaped a stunning living room in a neutral palette assemblage of European furnishings plus accessories. The Louis XV enthused lime stone mantel is furthermore adorned symmetrically. The big mirror is in flawless proportion as well as pleasantly balanced through vases of garden-fresh pink roses.

An asymmetrical outline is another method to organize your mantel. It carries a less official and more firm feeling, yet still needs balance to attain an artistic design. Stuffs on both verges of the mantel can differ, but must still be comparative – in the middle you might have a mirror through a set of smaller candlesticks on one side as well as a single taller jug on the other.

The fireplace mantel in this Normandy-elegance house in Atlanta adorned through Suzanne Kasler proves an asymmetrical design. A dreamy mixed-media effort on wood plus Plexiglas through Dusty Griffith is positioned above the fireplace as well as is flanked through a tall candlestick as well as smaller crystal figurine. The dust blue pair of 19th-century decorated bergères in the Louis XVI elegance are divine as well as additional highlights the room’s hearth focal point.

Intended through Stephen Shubel, this living room’s fireplace mantel is furthermore asymmetrical. Stunning 19th-era girandoles sit on either sideways of the mirror through Two’s Firm. Alone these stuffs would be regular, though Shubel dazzlingly increases a pair of seashells on one side as well as a small bird figurine on the additional. On additional note, the walls decorated in Benjamin Moore’s Wedding Pink and flawlessly balanced through the deep brown in the room. I mainly similar the Hanna chairs in leather flank from Oly.

Additional option is toward generate an eclectic Fireplace Mantels Ideas through displaying decoration of varying dimension. If this is the appearance you are trying toward achieve, it is still significant to organize the objects toward confirm it has balance plus flow.

In this modern sitting room intended by Eric Cohler, the mantel decoration is busy, however inviting. It showcases an extensive mixture of art as well as photography in numerous sizes plus frames. The small figurine adjusted on the mantle is an acute component that balances out the frame. This busy elegance works here since the room by now has loads of visual action throughout, similar the Han dynasty figurines over the gilded book shelves. Cohler furthermore brings several old world charm through adding a vintage English fireplace grill.

Several fireplaces might have little otherwise no mantel. This is maximum common in modern design. If you do not have a mantel just hang art otherwise a mirror positioned above the fireplace toward draw your eye up. Though, you might decide toward keep the space bare particularly if you have a splendid stone fireplace that you do not want to diminish from. In either example keeping the mantel decoration minimalistic would convey a sense of calm as well as order.

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