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Key Lime Pie Protein Shake as well as Mocha Protein Shake Recipe

by Terry Jhon

We have really been in to the dessert-themed protein shake recently. Just a week before, we posted our formula for a Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake utilizing OLLY’s novel protein powder. It was wonderful tasty, guilt-free, as well as had us desire for additional dessert-enthused smoothies.

Pie is essentially one of the finest foods ever, thus why not discovery an excuse for consumption pie for mealtime, right or else afterward the gymnasium?!? The decent news? This key lime pie protein shakes for weight loss has a little sliver of calories associated toward a slice of pie, however it is crammed with all the revitalizing and soft key lime taste.

Our energizing key lime pie protein shake is guilt-free, overflowing through vitamin C, as well as easy to create. Topped with soft yogurt plus crispy graham cracker crumb, this sweet hitherto tart drink would be your go-to luxury all summertime long. With above 27 gram of protein, we recommend whipping up a lot after a sweat meeting to recuperate in bliss.

This shake is filled with avocados, one of the plushest sources of glutathione, a potent antioxidant, resistance booster as well as detoxifier that aids repair cell injury caused by pressure and pollution. Plus, fit fats, similar the omega-3s in this shake, aid nourish hair, skin as well as nails from the inside out.

While a hunger hits, they are hard to ignore. For the previous few days, I have been desire key lime pie however in place of travelling to the grocery store late one nighttime to consume a pie that would fairly earn me undesirable pounds. I place my imaginative side to use as well as made a fresh key lime pie. Okay it is not actually pie; it is a protein shake however oh man it is delightful and fit all enfolded into one.

A revitalizing palate for a protein shake, without having toward feel guilty around it.  Easy toward make sweet, however tart delicacy for your sugary cravings, comprising Bio X Power Whey Compound powder in vanilla toward give it that sugary taste as well as great method to conclusion a workout.


2 scoop BioX Power Whey Compound Vanilla

1 cup un sweetened almond milk

1 icy banana

1 tablespoon key lime liquid

Taste of one key lime

1/2 tea spoon maple sauce

1 cup frost cubes

1 table spoon non fat plain Greek yogurt

1 table spoon crumpled Arrowroot biscuit


In a mixer, mix protein dust, almond milk, key lime juice, frozen banana, maple syrup as well as ice until smooth.

Top through a spoon of yogurt as well as arrowroot biscuit crumb.

Our Key Lime Pie Drink is crowned with a delightful coconut whipped cream toward kick off the authorized entrance of Spring as well as the start of Earth Month. We beat up this pie-meets-smoothie formation in festivity of all the bounty as well as cleanness of Spring. This lime drink is not only fresh plus tart, however the additional coconut whipped balm makes it decadent too. This is a faultless smoothie toward sit back with, relish the sunshine, as well as contemplate the warmer month ahead.

We adoration Key Lime Pie throughout the Spring plus Summer months! It is delicious, however full of sugar as well as things we should not be having. In its place enjoy a guilt-free stimulating high-protein, high-fiber as well as sugar free substitute: KeyLime Pie Protein Shake!

Mocha Protein Shake

Amp up your pre-exercises protein shakes for weight loss has through coffee to aid you power over those active lifts. A reasonable amount of caffeine is revealed to increase stamina, increase endurance as well as delay fatigue, thus down this delightful mocha mixture one hour beforehand hitting the gym. Or else, whip one up as an evening pick-me-up! Faith on us, the frappuccino are not got nothing on this.


1/2 cup non fat milk

1 table spoon Jell-O Sugar-Free Butter scotch Pudding

2 scoop Daily Burn Fuel-6 into chocolate

1/2 cup intense cold brew coffee, or actually strong coffee, chilled

1 cup ice

Instantaneous coffee dust (optional)

Chocolate shaving (optional)


In a mixer, mix the milk as well as pudding powder till it thickens, around 2 minutes. Enhance coffee, protein dust and ice; mix until smooth. Top through chocolate shaving and instantaneous coffee powder for several extra crunch.

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