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Make Your Eyelashes Grow Longer and Thicker

by Daniel Muse

The latest trend seems to be whopping gorgeous looking eyelashes with coatings of extra mascara. Both men and women from all walks of life are doing it, from the red carpet fashion runways, to normal people in their everyday life. They are shelling out hundreds of dollars to lash specialists at posh salons in various parts of the globe to get a temporary lash fix. They invest in these lash accelerator mascaras and fake eyelashes to make their eyelashes seem longer and thicker. For those who cannot afford to go to these expensive salons, they settle for false eyelash kits obtained from cosmetic shops.

While these cosmetic products may magically transform your look, you might pay a bigger price in the long run. Some of the glues used to fix the false eyelashes contain toxic ingredients that may cause serious eye infections that can give rise to long term vision problems. Moreover, continued use of fake eyelashes and applying tons of mascara may cause your natural lashes thin out or fall out in clumps.

For you to get permanent longer and thicker eyelashes, you will have to put in the legwork. The effects of the cosmetic methods are fast and dramatic; however they can only go so far. It takes a multi-pronged approach to encourage growth of naturally long and thick eyelashes which includes adding new products to your eyelash arsenal to tweaking your diet.

So, what’s a girl got to do to get thicker and longer eyelashes safely without spending a fortune? Here are three major ways to achieve this:

Take a Supplement.

In today’s urban environment, most people do not have access a wide range of nutrients needed to help them grow thick, long, and healthy looking hairs on their bodies including lashes. The nutrients needed to grow these hairs include the Omega-3 essential fatty acids, biotin, and zinc. Taking a dietary supplement that contains these nutrients will facilitate growth of the eye lashes. Moreover, you should add the following foods in your diet because they are a natural source of these nutrients: oysters, legumes, seeds, nuts, onions, oats, salmon, tomatoes, and tuna.

Growth Serum

It is a rapid-growth formula designed to help your lashes grow faster and become thicker and stronger, thus there is less breakage. They can be easily applied. Once applied, they condition and moisturize natural lashes, to improve the look of both eyelashes and eye brows.

Lash Extensions

Lash extensions have the advantage of making your eyes look more dramatic fast. They are more suitable for people with strong natural lashes. They are locally available at beauty shops at affordable prices. Just as we had mentioned earlier, they may contain chemical adhesives that may cause harm to your eyes.

One Two Lash Eyelash Extensions

For those looking for the best and quick way to extend their natural lashes in a safe way, One Two Lash, eyelash extensions are your best option. It is the first magnetic lash especially made to eliminate fumbling, fussing, and other negative effects associated with fake lashes you buy over the counter. It just takes seconds to set it up and do not need to use adhesives. Moreover, they are quite affordable, thus you no longer need to go to those expensive lash salons. The One Two Lash magnetic lashes are also reusable thus giving you more value for money.

One Two Lash products come in three different varieties to suit individual signature style:

• Original Lash: it helps you achieve the desired volume and length without a “false lash” effect, to give you a striking look. It perfect for daytime and evening wear.

• Bold Lash: Just as the name suggests, the Bold Lash is for the bold. It is especially made for those who are looking for high-intensity volume. It is perfect for glam girls, but can as well suit any kind of attire.

• Accent Lash: It is the most conspicuous of all and unapologetically dramatic. It mainly adds length on the lashes creating a sexy look that complements the shape of your eyes. It has a hint of a curl at the end of the lashes that adds a touch of elegance to any outfit.

For those who want to achieve longer and thicker eyelashes naturally, these tips will be very helpful. However, if you want to achieve the dramatic look faster and safely without breaking bank, One Two Lash extensions have got you covered.

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